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Personalised financial planning

Merlin Wealth Planning are a specialist financial planning company providing independent financial planning advice to individuals, families, companies and trusts. The company was established to address the need for a highly personalised financial planning service, incorporating the most suitable investment selection from ‘whole of market’ research.

The firm’s head office has been established in Aylesbury and is ideally situated to provide services and advice to our clients in the Greater London area and the surrounding home counties. In addition, we also have advisors located around the country and have a presence in Essex, the South West and the Midlands.

At Merlin Wealth Planning, we believe successful financial planning is about building long term collaborative relationships with you, our clients, based on trust and openness. We also believe that the demands of an increasingly busy professional and personal life, mean that you will benefit from our support to safeguard your financial future.

We recognise that all of our clients will have different personal circumstances, aspirations and objectives. We therefore spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients before providing any advice. It is by gaining this full understanding of your financial planning needs, that we are able to provide the most appropriate financial solutions.

We don’t advertise, attracting clients by ‘word of mouth’. Existing clients are not asked to recommend us but regularly do. Having the right ‘moral compass’ whilst understanding the importance of service and possessing the necessary technical skills is an absolute requirement for those in the firm.

How Merlin Wealth Planning can help…

Life Planning

At Merlin, we believe in approaching financial planning from all angles as life planning is essentially a holistic approach to financial planning that leads with the person, not solely with the finances. We endeavour to understand a client’s fundamental goals, and aspirations, through a process of structured inquiry, prior to discussing investments and retirement plans.


As a firm, we understand that pensions and retirement planning make up the fundamental foundations of your overall financial planning and therefore, advice on your retirement planning objectives is a key element of what we do for our clients.

Also the continued legislative changes made during recent budgets introduced some of the most significant changes to the pensions landscape in recent times. We therefore help our clients to navigate the current requirements to ensure that they maximise the opportunities now available to them.

Investing lump sums

Our investment philosophy is that assets must be considered in total, irrespective of the product type or wrapper. Preservation of capital is every bit as important as capital growth. We look to work with our clients to develop portfolios constructed to match their specific objectives and risk tolerance. As a firm, we feel that a key ingredient to the success of achieving your goals is to continue monitoring and working with you via regular reviews. As with our on-going service, we will continue to meet with you at least annually to ensure that everything is on track.

Investing and protecting assets for members of your family

Inheritance planning is easy to put off but vital if you are to ensure that your family is protected and your wishes met. Surprisingly, so few people do anything about their potential Inheritance.

Our approach is a practical one. We take stock of your overall estate position, which encompasses worldwide assets, not just those in the UK. We then work with you and your family members to formulate a plan which looks to utilise your available allowances and where possible mitigate any potential inheritance which would be tax due.

Mortgages & Equity Release

Getting a mortgage can be a challenging and complicated process. That’s why you need regular access to expert guidance and support from people you know you can trust. As a firm we have a specialist team ‘Merlin Mortgages’ which can provide you with professional knowledge of the market and excellence in customer service, whilst being on hand to help every step of the way.

We’re committed to helping you fully understand the broad range of options available to you, so that you can work with us to make an informed decision about the product that is most suited to your individual requirements.
The team can also provide advice on Equity Release products, which are designed for people over 55 to take cash value from their homes without having to move. There is a wide range of Equity Release products which can provide a valuable source of income for some people.